Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Participants sit in class.

Additional Admissions Questions

Will participants have the opportunity to speak to someone in the Office of Undergraduate Admissions?

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While not guaranteed, a representative from the Stanford Office of Undergraduate Admissions is often scheduled to give a presentation to students during their stay at Stanford. If participants are interested in a more formal meeting with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions, they must make arrangements independently. Please note that these arrangements must not interfere with any scheduled program activities.

Can an acceptance be deferred to next year if the applicant cannot attend in the current year?

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No. Admission offers to Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies are valid only for the year in which the decision was given. The program will not defer a participant’s acceptance to a different year. However, declining an offer of admission has no bearing on an applicant's chances for admission in subsequent years.

Is there a way to receive an admissions decision early?

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No. Due to the number of applications received by Stanford Pre-Collegiate Studies programs, we are not able to offer any admissions decisions before the designated notification date. Our admission committee reviews applications in a holistic manner and must review all applications within that pool to determine admissions. All applicants from each round will be notified of their admissions decision on the designated notification date. We cannot make exceptions.