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Stanford Summer Humanities Institute

Stanford Summer Humanities Institute is a summer enrichment program where rising high school juniors and seniors explore the big questions at the heart of the humanities in seminars led by distinguished Stanford professors.

Become a Humanities Scholar

Grow as a scholar, writer, and thinker this summer with the Stanford Summer Humanities Institute. By exploring the humanities, you will gain a better sense of the world and grow as a global citizen.

The summer 2022 program will be held online.
Stanford Faculty
Stanford professors lead all of the courses with talented graduate students, sharing their expertise and passion with participants.
Passionate Peers
Study alongside fellow participants similarly interested in better understanding contemporary society and global history.
Broad Academic Exploration
Studying the humanities involves thinking about philosophy, literature, religion, art, music, history, and language.
Discover Academic Freedom
Explore the humanities at a college-level, investigate philosophical questions, and pursue research topics of your own choosing that excite you.

Application Now Closed

Our application for the 2022 Stanford Summer Humanities Institute is now closed. To learn about future opportunities, please join our mailing list.

The Humanities Thrive at Stanford

Professor Allyson  Hobbs

Impactful Topics

Hear Stanford faculty members talk about the impact of the humanities for high school students. Professors discuss the types of questions participants grapple with during the summer seminars, exploring important issues people and societies face in the world.

The goal of the Stanford Summer Humanities Institute is to bring together high school students who are particularly interested in the humanities so that they can experience what a humanities class and what humanities research is like at a top university.

Professor Dan Edelstein

French Department, Stanford University

Expand Your Intellectual Interests

We offer several interdisciplinary humanities courses that delve deep into various issues, going far beyond the typical high school curriculum. Develop your critical thinking, writing, and research ability this summer through one of the following intensive courses.
Ancient Rome and Its Legacies
Racial Identity in the American Imagination
The Greeks and Beyond
The American Enlightenment
Magical Realism

Program Highlights